Stealing the Silence

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It’s said that all sins are a form of theft: adultery is stealing a spouse, a lie is stealing the truth, etc. This idea helps explain what I find so annoying when I walk into a coffee shop only to hear loud music playing or being forced to listen to CNN through the tv displayed prominently above each gate at the airport: it’s not the bombardment of sounds as such that’s so annoying (though that’s pretty terrible) but, rather, that the natural rhythms of life are being taken from me. From us.

I like hearing the steaming hiss out of the espresso machine. I like hearing the sounds of little kids talk, the hum of commuters walking by, of the hard-working waitress speaking through her smile. All of these sounds help us to connect with life and our surroundings and are stolen by Wolf Blitzer or whatever musical artist Starbucks decides you need to know about.

As for those who show YouTube videos to others on the plane without the benefit of headphones, I have more respect for pickpockets.

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