In The Press

“We gave David Deeble for a very demanding task: to be both hilarious AND on-message. He gets an A+!” John Tate, CEO, Golf Design, Inc. 

“David Deeble is the best performer that we have had in the 24-year history of the University of Mary Summertime Stampede.” The University Of Mary Alumni Association

“David Deeble is the MacGyver of comedy – he turns the familiar into the fantastic.” Barrett Dorko, P.T., founder of The Clinician’s Manual

“I couldn’t believe anyone could make our group laugh as hard as David Deeble did. After the year our industry had we needed laughter at our annual meeting and we got it big time with David’s hilarious talk and fantastic abilities. The standing ovation he received at the end of his show was very well-deserved and I would definitely recommend his act to anyone looking to hire a first-class comic entertainer for their next event.” Julie Kenyon, Office Manager & Event Planner for Builder’s FirstSource

“An evening of absolute, non-stop hilarity. David Deeble is a true original. He does things with everyday objects which gives them a magical quality.” Harvey Jason, CEO of Mystery Pier Books

“He did everything but… wait, he did that, too!” Michael Bolanos, CEO, Entertainment Drive

“Only a real man would even attempt that!” Gary Shandling

“Very funny!” Kevin Nealon

“David’s show is original, intelligent and laugh-out-loud hilarious. He was the highlight of our program.” Evan Sayet, author of “Hating What’s Right”

“I’m beginning to see why you’re single!” Jay Leno, host of “The Tonight Show”