About This David Deeble Character

David Deeble began performing comedy at a very early age as a member of the Long Beach Mystics. What the Long Beach native didn’t know then is that his “local magic club” would become one of the most legendary in the world – for producing not just highly-polished magicians but highly-polished entertainers. Possessing an offbeat perspective and a suit of – ahem – highly unusual talents, what has always resided at the heart of David’s audience appeal is his affability.

Yes, there are awards and accomplishments. At the age of 13 David won the International Jugglers Association’s Junior Championships – and the only one to do so performing a comedy act. Ever. After graduation from high school David began performing at comedy clubs in the Los Angeles area and the Midwest. An audience favorite at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and Hermosa Beach’s historic Comedy & Magic Club, it was at the latter venue where his enormously-popular juggling of slow-falling plastic grocery bags earned him his first appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. David is the only juggler to appear on the Tonight Show during the Leno era.

His unique skill set, offbeat perspective and versatility have also made David one of the finest and most sought-after entertainers on the corporate market. Whether seeking an emcee, keynote speaker or headline entertainer, David Deeble has become the answer to dozens of organizations seeking laugh-out-loud corporate entertainment.