Blue State Governors Extend Lockdown Against Law Abiders

Progressive governors from New York to California extended their states’ respective lockdown orders against all law-abiding citizens on Friday. The new extended orders apply to a wide-array of lawful businesses, from barber shops and restaurants as well as institutions such as churches. Individuals committing unlawful acts such as arson, looting and blinding police officers are exempt from the extension and may continue to operate provided masks and social distancing are more-or-less in evidence.

Several law-abiding organizations expressed dismay at the lockdown extension, arguing that it should be the law breakers who should be targeted for shutdown. “All I want to do is provide for my family by providing quality grooming for my clients,” said downtown Portland barber Sal Inhendt, who proceeded to ponder what laws are for if not to protect law-abiders from those practicing violence in order to destroy his livelihood. “It’s almost like our governor has it backwards” he added.

Some groups cheered the so-called blue state model, however, inviting all Americans to come see the violence within the system.

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