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  1. I’m afraid that America will see anhoetr period of republican government, and I am also afraid that that government will launch anhoetr war (against Iran) before the next election.I’m European, but I’ve lived in the US under’ Clinton and later for a short while under’ the Bush administration. The latter reminded me of an ugly Banana republic dictatorship, fueled by fear and cheap propaganda.I won’t say that things would significantly improve with Obama in the White House, but I think that at least they wouldn’t get worse for America.As for the news’ sources: People should be careful when they judge those real’ information. This real’ information depends heavily on who owns how many stocks of a publishing house and whether those stockholders have an agenda of their own. Usually political parties hold plenty of stock of relevant news and broadcasting enterprises, most of the time through holding companies which are owned by them, so their names won’t appear immediately. This is also the case with private TV and radio stations, and it’s the same in -any- country. And this is not a conspiracy theory, but a simple, verifiable fact.

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