Istanbul, Turkey

My critics say that performing my music while painted in a thick coat of silver is just a gimmick. Where do they get such crazy ideas? After all, if I was merely silver and played no music, would I get any notice? All right, maybe I would. But the truth is, the silver compliments the music, it’s not just there in order to make pedestrians pause long enough to toss a euro into my box (which is also silver). Such a crazy idea would never have occurred to me!

1 thought on “Istanbul, Turkey

  1. Awesome to hear you have nearly rhecaed Turkey. Certainly one of the greatest countries on the planet and Istanbul is one of the best cities ever to visit. Are you going to be able to take some time out there?Are you able to ride your bike over the Bosphorus Bridge? It would be a shame not to ride out of Europe and into Asia.I think you can be very proud to have made it across Europe!Good luck with the traffic in Istanbul though!

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