Outsourcing Medical Care – Stockholm, Sweden

If you think that the homeless and mentally ill are only qualified for tasks such as washing windshields or heavy-lifting, then you are hopelessly behind the times. I used to think the same way, but recently the jobs which I have been able to outsource to the homeless include the painting of the interior walls of our living room, an oil change for my car and, with less success, some crown work.

A case in point is this woman in Stockholm, Sweden. Although a homeless alcoholic, she is nonetheless fully qualified to perform simple therapeutic procedures such as massage, acupuncture and, in my case, a spinal tap.

Why waste time and money with “medical doctors” when you can get perfectly good care from a self-described “sick human being” who hasn’t slept indoors in a month?¬†Why lose sleep over affordable health insurance when you can receive perfectly good care in exchange for a warm Grolsch and some smokes?

When you see a homeless person, you’re not looking at someone who has cut himself off from his family or made “poor choices” involving drugs and alcohol. You’re looking at a medical professional, a lawyer, a cobbler.

Now that I think of it, you might really be looking at a cobbler.

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