Helpful Buffet Signs – Celebrity Cruises

Nothing says “We’re here to help” like buffet signs that give the names of entrèes in English, Spanish and French. This photo provides an excellent example. Did you know that the delicious Indian dish Aloo Bonda, for example, is called “Aloo Bonda” in Spanish? The French refer to it as “Aloo Bonda”. Here in the English-speaking world, of course, it’s just “Aloo Bonda.”

If it weren’t for the English translations, frankly, I’d be completely lost. How can I be expected to know that the hyper-sophisticated-sounding “Duck l’Orange” is nothing more than duck l’Orange? That “Chicken Kiev” is really just run-of-the-mill chicken Kiev? That the exotic-sounding “Pizza” is nothing more than commonplace pizza? It’s enough to make you feel continental!

Using this helpful system I was able to ascertain the meaning of such items as sushi, chicken parmesan and sauerkraut.

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