How To Catch An Olive On A Toothpick Clenched Between Your Teeth

This is the only trick for which I have a mantra, inspired by boastful NFL wide receivers: “Just get it in my area”. By “my” area, I mean, of course, the toothpick’s area. “Why not aim for it to land specifically on the toothpick?” For one thing, this trick is aScreen Shot 2013-08-12 at 5.12.03 PM fickle one and the olive landing on the toothpick is no guarantor that it will stick. More importantly, it’s too much pressure: actually stating my ultimate aim in black-and-white that takes my focus off the process, which, if executed well, usually takes care of the objective.

Again, when I stick to the process, the result usually follows. Mechanically, there are only three things I focus on: clenching the toothpick at a 90 degree angle, tossing the olive in a relaxed, moderate arc and positioning my mouth (not the toothpick!) beneath the descending olive. Accomplish those three things  and it’s more likely than not you’ll havesuccess.

And if you fail, best have something funny to say and nail it on the next try.

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