Restroom Icons – Venice, Italy

Who doesn’t love Italy? Delicious food, world-class wine, open and engaging people – and such pronounced male peacockery that men require twice as many restrooms as women. And what about  that sign on the lower right? Does it mean there are restrooms for men, women and the handicapped in that direction? Or does it mean there is wheelchair access to the wedding chapel?

And why must the wheelchair on these signs always be so wildly-out-of-scale with its’ occupant? It’s huge, as if it’s the wheelchair version of the very first bicycles. Same thing for the Antebellum, Gone-With-The-Wind maternity skirt the female icon is always wearing. And where are her arms? Sure, it’s only an icon, yet that didn’t prevent the male icon from having arms. What gives? Maybe her arms are obscured because she’s holding down her Wimbledon-roof skirt, alà Marilyn Monroe in that famous photograph. Yet if anyone seems to be standing over a street vent it’s the male icon – notice the shoulder-width stance.