Cuomo: Enough With The Ventilators Already

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY): “I beg you: stop sending us ventilators.”

At today’s press briefing New York governor Andrew Cuomo issued a rousing call to his fellow Americans to stop sending his state ventilators: “Seriously, it’s getting out of hand. Let me be clear: stop sending New York ventilators already.”

The governor, who spoke flanked by his lieutenant governor, three state health officials and more than two-thousand just-arrived ventilators from Texas, at times showed flashes of anger at the rest of the country. “To reiterate,” he said, “the Empire State is up to its eyeballs in ventilators.”

At the conclusion of the briefing the governor became briefly lost attempting to negotiate his way to the exit through the maze of ventilators before turning around and shouting at his staffers “The other way! The other way!”

At press time, more than a dozen Airbus A380s were approaching the runway at Albany International Airport, each containing more than one-thousand ventilators from Washington state.